The worlds of AI and marketing are growing exponentially and its difficult to stay up to date with all the news and recent changes. Here’s our roundup for the week.  


LinkedIn is integrating Elevate: This week, LinkedIn Sales Navigator released new updates on their products. They have added extensive features for managing leads and have made it easier to navigate its redesigned Help Centre. As well as announcing that they have integrated with the content-sharing app Elevate, LinkedIn have also announced changes to its algorithm that aim to prioritise better conversations in users’ feeds.  

Nvidia have released a new AI powered speech recognition tool set to transform chatbots for businesses such as Bing by providing services that respond much more like human speech. It will be used as tool to operate chatbots for businesses and for live chat services for websites. 

Twitter has introduced a new policy, in which brands will only be charged if their 15 second (or shorter) video ads are viewed for at least six seconds. This advertising strategy will allow marketers the flexibility of providing longer creatives for advertisers focussing on more substantive view rates.

OpenAI have created a program that can write copy so well that it is identical to a human-written text. Now researchers from the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab have utilised AI to target and identify copy and text that has been created by AI.

IBM have rolled out their new easy-to-use toolkit AI explainability 360, a comprehensivetoolkit that provides comprehensive information about integrating AI into businesses. It features tutorials with indepth examples to introduce marketers to coding and an interactive web demo that shows the capabilities of the toolkit. 

If you are struggling to select a PPC advertising agency for your PPC advertising campaign, WordStream has begun to provide free tools to optimise, manage and measure paid searches. They have also put together comprehensive information about CPM advertising to aid in brand awareness and campaigns.

Facebook have launched exciting updates to their video editing software including brand new templates, optimisation for feed and story posts and draft capabilities. They have reported that the most accessed part of the platform are videos, and the new features promotehigh quality content that reaches a wider audience. 

New AI service for NCS: CPG-focused NCSolutions (NCS) have just announced their innovation, Sales Lift Metrics, which is an AI tool that is designed to provide in-flight information on campaigning tactics such as media placements and audience targets. It aims to deliver information that advertisers can use to navigate and enhance active campaign outcomes aid in PPC advertising management. 

Interacting with AI every day is becoming more normal and less scary for all. Paradox Consulting is now offering the opportunity to integrate an AI ChatBot into your website, allowing you to connect in a more personal way with the people interacting with your content. They also provide services that include growth marketing, high quality website building to capture your brand and SEO services UK. Paradox Consulting aim to provide highly targeted campaigns that reach a global audience.

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